Secure and protect your investment from vehicle theft.

Secure-Gard ® effectively deters thieves by marking your vehicle with a unique series of traceable I.D. numbers and branded decals. The I.D. numbers, VIN and your information are registered into a secure database.

Effectively deters thieves from stealing your vehicle.

  • A replacement benefit of up to $4,000 for 3 years from the purchase date is provided if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered; this payment is made on top of what your insurance company pays
  • Your insurance deductible of up to $2,500 is reimbursed if the vehicle is recovered and requires repairs
  • Warranty coverage is transferable
  • Decal stickers on vehicle windows deter potential thieves

The decals are placed onto the windows and various body panels of the vehicle

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*Please note: Prices and programs vary across Canada. Please contact your Dealership or local sales representative for more information.