Introducing i-Select Plus, Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

January 10, 2017

Sym-Tech Dealer Services is pleased to announce another new product release for 2017, with the launch of i-Select Plus - Mechanical Breakdown Coverage.
i-Select set the Canadian standard for vehicle service contracts that are flexible, dependable and most importantly, affordable. Offering customers the flexibility to choose their coverage plan, length of coverage, kilometres of coverage and deductible drives better protection for the customer and higher profitability for you.
i-Select Plus builds on the success of i-Select, with comprehensive new and added protections. This will
provide greater peace-of-mind for customers who are more concerned with the higher cost of repairing vehicles
containing advanced technology and expensive features.
i-Select Plus’ new coverage options include:

    Hybrid Electric Vehicle Coverage

  • Covering Power inverter assembly, drive motor assembly, generator assembly, hybrid cooling system blower motors and pumps, hybrid system stator and rotor and all hybrid system control units and sensors.
    Emissions Coverage

  • Covering vapor and emission canisters, positive crankcase ventilation valve, distributor cap and
    rotor and exhaust systems (including smog pumps, catalytic converter, muffler and pipes).
    Technology Package

  • Covering Wi-Fi / Bluetooth integrated router, wireless chargers and USB ports.
    Safety Restraint Systems Coverage

  • Covering Airbags, impact sensors, clock springs, safety belts, anchor tensioner and latch,
    passenger presence system, occupancy sensors, inflator modules and restraint sensing
    Augmented Lift Kit Coverage

  • Increased maximum body lift from 4” to 6”.
    Snow Plow Coverage

  • A new option to keep you moving through the cold Canadian winters.

As we roll out national over the next few months, the existing i-Select product will be replaced with i-Select Plus. As always, all sold i-Select warranties remain fully insured and coverage continues unaffected. For any questions, please contact your District Manager or Dealer Support at 1.800.363.5796 ext. 2320 (

This announcement is the second in a series of announcements for 2017 that Sym-Tech will be making with respect to exclusive agreements and enhanced product features. This is integral to Sym-Tech’s continued efforts to drive improved F&I performance with the highest-quality offerings in Canada.

Download the official announcement here: "Introducing i-Select Plus, Mechanical Breakdown Coverage".